Netiquette by the Net Nut

The Net Nut, Paul Johns, demonstrates quick and easy methods to set-up, take-down, store and repair badminton nets.

Paul is an executive member of the Petawawa Badminton Club and the Garrison Petawawa Badminton Club. 

Netiquette Part II

The Net Nut demonstrates badminton net set-up and take-down with each step taking less than a minute. 

Table of Teaching Video Websites

Download the file Web Addresses for Teaching Videos for a list of web addresses for a number of training videos on how to smash, drop, drive, serve, backhand and more. Copy and Paste or Type the web address into your address search bar and enter to go to the training videos. 

Strategy & Tactics




In the next few sections on this page we will cover topics concerning the different strategies and tactics for singles, double and mixed play. Many think that once you know how to do all the different shots in badminton that is all you need to know. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Below are descriptions of how to play singles and double effectively using your skills (tactics) and giving you the strategies to make you more successful. 


Klik on the link below to go to the Badminton Bible's excellent section on how to play singles: 


Klik on the the link below for the Badminton Bibles section on playing doubles: 

Mixed Doubles

Klik on the link below to get a few tips on playing mixed doubles: